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Semi-Auto Rifles



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Our Competitors

Josh Hicks


Josh is a true ambassador of the sport and one of the best shooters in Great Britain. Josh within a few years after starting to shoot Practical mini rifle became number one shooter in Britain. He held the title of number one UKPSA Mini rifle shooter for 3 years and NRA for 2 years. Josh was the first top shooter in Britain who chose the Battle Arms Development rifle as rifle of choice. 

Tom Ellaway


Tom initially started competing  in Gallery rifle many years ago but in recent years became more active in Practical mini rifle where he became one of the most successful shooters. Tom consistently maintains position in top 5 shooters in Practical mini rifle and he successfully represented Britain abroad as well. Tom’s rifle of choice for Practical mini rifle is his custom Battle Arms Development Ambi rifle.

Russel Hicks


Russell is one of the UK's top competitive shooters. He particularly excels in practical shotgun, practical mini rifle and long-barrel pistol/revolver and has represented Britain in both European and World shoot practical shotgun and handgun competitions. Russell is not just extremely successful in competitions but actively supports shooting as a sport, as a qualified Range Officer and Range Master. However despite all of his commitments, he still manages to compete with younger shooters, whilst maintaining his position as top shooter in senior categories. Russell's current mini rifle is a Battle Arms development custom-build.

Kelvin Leaton


Kelvin only recently started shooting competitively however very quickly became one of the most successful shooters in Practical  mini rifle. In first year of competing, Kelvin gained third position in the UK Practical mini rifle Championship and became one of the highest-ranking shooters in discipline. Kelvin maintains his position in top 5 shooters in Practical mini rifle and successfully represented Britain abroad as well with his Battle Arms Development Ambi custom rifle.

Jim Starley


Jim became a shooter at a very early age and since beginning was active in various shooting disciplines. In several and become one of the highest-ranking shooters. Jim was representing Britain in Practical Shotgun at the first World Shoot. Jim in recent years focused on Practical mini rifle and became number one UKPSA Mini rifle shooter. Jim successfully maintains his top ranking not just in the UK but abroad as well. Jim chose a Battle Arms Development rifle to shoot a Practical mini rifle.

Paul Wyborn

Paul IPSC.png

Paul started his shooting career in Action Air where he became one the fast-progressing shooters which led to 2nd place at Action Air World Shoot in 2018 as Standard Junior. Paul recently obtained his Firearms License and very quickly transferred his skill to Long Barrel Pistol and Practical mini rifle where he became one of the most successful shooters. Paul actively represented Britain with handgun abroad. Paul is a very talented shooter and he managed to win the highest ranking competition of the season with LBP a few weeks after receiving it. Paul shot Standard with Grand Power K22 Xtrim.